Chloe Sassi



Somme Sensible (Sensitive Sum in english) is a transdisciplinary project to connect art and life. We propose an hybrid format at the intersection of performance, somatics and relationnal practices: an event as an exploratory and participatory zone.
Somme Sensible arises from the desire to celebrate differently. We want to free ourselves from a consumerist logic that reduces it to frenetic entertainment, a permanent quest for dopamine. Somme Sensible seeks new rhythms. We are looking for a free and embodied improvisation, exiting the robotic binarity of bodies exalted by individualism.
Somme Sensible vocation is to search for other modes of being together.
What is a truly safe space? How to rehabilitate the party as a ritual?
We intent to develop a fluid and inclusive territory, where everyone consciously and actively participates in co-constructing the atmosphere. We are convinced that our combined bodies hold the power to re-enchant.

Description of the project

This laboratory-event proposes live vocals concerts, combined simultaneously with dance improvisations and continuous participative immersive sessions.
But how to synchronize beings and bodies to create a shared and inclusive territory? This is the driving question of our approach.
Somme Sensible’s manifestations are first and foremost an experience of “total presence”, a corporal immersion. It is thus a question of deploying strategies to make the audience aware of what it experiences until it is activated from within and ready to invest the space in its turn. The atmosphere is guided by (at least) two facilitators, the «activants» for 10 participants. They are trained in various disciplines, from movement & hollistic practices to gestalt psychotherapy. Their singular approaches and presences converge to accompany each one to immersion.
They invite the audience us to relate, to act, to communicate and to experience in a different way, guaranteeing a constant and attentive presence within the manifestation.
Through corporal exercises and sensorial affordances, the activants invite the audience to mingle and merge by seeking an «atmosphere in movement», encouraging slow places and receptivity.
Contact dance improvisation methods are continuously facilitated. A code of consent is taught to ensure that these experiences are conducted within the boundaries of each.
Far from the idea of “performances” isolated from the audience, our perspective intends to conceive these different interventions rather as spontaneous “manifestations” that would intervene organically in the sessions. In this way, Somme Sensible seeks to break with the idea of a passive audience facing an active artist. Within this experimental space, everyone is invited to invest the atmosphere.

Contact us for more informations and videos:
sommesensible (at)
Instagram : @sommensible