Chloe Sassi


© Antoine Henault

Chloé Sassi is a transdisciplinary artist who lives and works between Paris and different landscapes. She is graduated from the Fine Arts school of Villa Arson and the École des Hautes Études Sociales, where she presented a project about immersive spaces as a way to re-enchant the world. Always searching for an «altered corporal perception» Chloé Sassi is working around the perspective of a total art, which would like to summon all human senses to immerse the audience. From this approach, she created in 2022 Somme Sensible, a collective who creates hybrid events as sensorial and relationnal explorations. Besides this, Sassi uses her visual practice as a pretext to create "arising of unpredictable situations in the reality". She searches to immerge her interprets in symbiosis with their surroundings, working mainly from a state of ultra-presence and improvisation.

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